Today like for the past 100 years: locality, source and quality are top priority.


The founding of the Higelsberger enterprise. Ludwig Higelsberger had already set up a place in Schwertberg’s market square, Upper Austria in the year 1905.


After the turbulence of the war, the grandfather of the current owner of the company, Johann Higelsberger, launched the business with considerable support from Mrs. Erna.


The next generation moves forward. The two sons, Johann and Ludwig Higelsberger, took charge of the current business and despite repeated enhancements it was still too constricted for the market.


Now it was time.
An EU abattoir was planned by Johann and Theresia Higelsberger and was constructed in record time on the outskirts of Schwertberg.


The considerably increased capacity for production lead to the first successful export to Italy.


Establishment and commissioning of a sewage and sanitation plant.


The company was taken over by Johann Higelsberger jr.


The EU abattoir Higelsberger counts as the largest abattoir business in Austria and the Company is since 2012 part of the „Rudolf Großfurtner GmbH“. The big visions for the future have already been forged and are waiting to be implemented.