Delivered today, on the shelf tomorrow.
24 hours from request to delivery – this aim is given utmost priority by Higelsberger

We place the utmost importance on stress-free transportation and adherence to delivery deadlines as well as consistent and controlled cold-chains.

The livestock is delivered to the Higelsberger abattoir in Schwertberg either by our own transport, by distributors or by the farmers themselves.  You can also apply online by filling out our form.

Since we obtain livestock from the immediate region, we can keep the livestock transportation time as short as possible. This is not only important for the welfare of the livestock but it also helps to preserve the quality of the meat.

As the goods need to be utterly fresh and delivered directly to the shelf without delay, we use consistently trained drivers with many years experience who are on duty on a daily basis. Our drivers have a state-of-the-art, excellently equipped fleet of articulated lorries at their disposal with up to 3 and 2 axles and are an important link between supplier and customer.