Absolute freshness and traceability are essential in this day and age and are guaranteed with Higelsberger.

Quality from Austria – because certainty tastes better.
We have personally known our livestock suppliers for years. We know where, how and with what the livestock get fattened. With a guaranteed Austrian livestock source, we personally assure it comes with the name Higelsberger.

Inspected by Austrian vets.
Numerous quality restrictions are strictly adhered to and consistently checked by Higelsberger. More than a dozen vets are on duty during the slaughter process and check the hygiene, health and dietary regulations in the abattoir as well as in an in-house laboratory when inspecting the livestock.  Only after these procedures can it receive the official labelling and consequently the approval to be supplied as a foodstuff.

Our slaughter operation is also carried out by our qualified partners GUSTINO and AMA Gütesiegel.

AMA Gütesiegel stands for outstanding quality, independent checks and assured sources, from the rearing of the livestock to the fattening, slaughter and processing of the livestock, all 100% Austrian.

The finest pork


Gustino brand cuts ensure:
Strict requirements, stress-free breeding, feeding in a farmyard extension, stress-free transportation, a continuous cold-chain, the most up-to-date abattoir quality checks…
… Gustino pork tastes much more natural

One thing is sure:

Higelsberger meat quality guarantees not only satisfied customers but above all satisfied consumers.